Sixteen year old atheist Sera Donner struggles to survive in her isolated mountain community after a devastating Yellowstone eruption leads to dwindling resources and violent civil unrest. In the midst of heartbreak and betrayal, an unlikely prophet emerges, bringing a message of hope about a coming King. But can faith in an ancient prophecy stand against the unspeakable evil about to descend upon them all?

After losing Sera Donner, Micah Abrams flees from God only to find himself struggling with his faith in the ashy devastation of Yakima, Washington. With Sera’s white wolf Ash as his companion, Micah meets loner Eli Preston—a man with a hidden past who intends to wait out the Tribulation with a sawed-off shotgun in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. With God’s help, these two broken men will find a way to bring light into a very dark place while discovering along the way that iron does, indeed, sharpen iron.


Sera Donner has survived the Goliath Code procedure, but now she harbors a terrible secret, one that could turn the tide in the fight against Ellensburg…one that could mean the end of her relationship with Micah Abrams.


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