by Suzanne Leonhard

"The world ended three days after my sixteenth birthday..."

"The world ended three days after my sixteenth birthday..."''


Sixteen year old atheist Sera Donner struggles to survive in her isolated mountain community after a devastating Yellowstone eruption leads to dwindling resources and violent civil unrest. In the midst of heartbreak and betrayal, an unlikely prophet emerges, bringing a message of hope about a coming King. But can faith in an ancient prophecy stand against the unspeakable evil about to descend upon them all?

After losing Sera Donner, Micah Abrams flees from God only to find himself struggling with his faith in the ashy devastation of Yakima, Washington. With Sera’s white wolf Ash as his companion, Micah meets loner Eli Preston—a man with a hidden past who intends to wait out the Tribulation with a sawed-off shotgun in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. With God’s help, these two broken men will find a way to bring light into a very dark place while discovering along the way that iron does, indeed, sharpen iron.


Sera Donner has survived the Goliath Code procedure, but now she harbors a terrible secret, one that could turn the tide in the fight against Ellensburg…one that could mean the end of her relationship with Micah Abrams.

Author Bio

Suzanne Leonhard is an award-winning novelist and screenwriter formerly published with HarperCollins. The idea for the Goliath Code series evolved over a lifelong fascination with end of the world stories, a fascination that only deepened when Suzanne became a Christian. She’s been an author for over thirty years but feels the Goliath Code series is the most important thing she’s ever written. Born and raised in Washington State, Suzanne has lived in cities all over the country, but she and her husband, writer and military strategist Robert R. Leonhard, have finally found their happy place living on the sunny coast of Florida.


The Inspiration Behind The Goliath Code Series

The Inspiration Behind The Goliath Code Series

Writing fiction generally begins with nagging “what if” questions. For this series, it started with Revelation 10:4. “And when the seven thunders…

It’s All Material

It’s All Material

Writers hear that all the time: “It’s all material!” The statement is intended as an encouragement in the face of difficult circumstances.…

DELETED SCENE! *Spoiler alert!* Don’t read this if you haven’t read book #3!

DELETED SCENE! *Spoiler alert!* Don’t read this if you haven’t read book #3!

Just like in the making of movies, a lot of what gets written in the first drafts of novels ends up on…

The Rapture

The Rapture

As I mentioned in the first article, there are two main controversies that Christians debate about when it come to the end…

The End Times

The End Times

Of all the doctrines and ideas that Christians debate about, the biggest, most divisive, is eschatology. The word derives from the Greek…


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Reader Reviews

Kirkus Reviews The Goliath Code: Book One

A grim and unrelenting tale in the best traditions of the dystopian genre.

Readers' Favorite Prophet: Goliath Code Book Two

A truly cinematic, visceral reading experience.

Readers' Favorite Children Of The Third: Goliath Code Book Three

Children of the Third is a superbly written follow-up in The Goliath Code series. Suzanne Leonhard once again proves herself as a force in the genre of dystopian fiction.

Readers' Favorite The Goliath Code: Book One

Fast-paced, suspenseful, and spine-chilling. I loved every thrilling moment of it.

indieBRAG Judge Prophet: Goliath Code Book Two

Great tension, believable characters, intriguing story with a skillful writing technique.

Amazon Reader Children Of The Third: Goliath Code Book Three

Suzanne Leonard is as spellbinding and creative a storyteller as Frank Peretti and Tim LaHaye.

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards The Goliath Code: Book One

A riveting apocalyptic adventure. A Red Ribbon winner and highly recommended.

Amazon Reader Prophet: Goliath Code Book Two

From struggles of faith to struggling to survive, facing natural disasters of Biblical proportions to battling against evil and depravity: this story has it all and more.

Amazon Reader Children Of The Third: Goliath Code Book Three

Great Christian fiction. My grandson and I have shared the whole series and have many discussions.

Amazon Reader The Goliath Code: Book One

Leaving behind the Left Behind series!

Amazon Reader Prophet: Goliath Code Book Two

Found myself downright weeping several times. Read it…you won't be sorry.

Amazon Reader Children Of The Third: Goliath Code Book Three

Truths of the Bible are brought out in succinct fashion with maximum impact. Excellent writing, engaging story and fast-paced action.


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